Marie Antoinette was ready. She was looking forward
to the celebration.

Villa Saboya was ready too for this party, the gardens arranged, the umbrellas open, the hanmock right by the ocean and the pool, with socrystalline water that it reflected her soft-spoken and sweetly shybeauty and her dream about to befulfilled.

Her friends were dreessing up to get out to the party, Margaret waspreparing her top of flowers, Violetwas selecting her best headdress, Paula would take out of her closet that dress she bought on her wonderful trip to Paris...

Everything would be perfect.

Clash! They knock on the door, her friends have arrived, theyhad a unique day ahead of them.

Villa Saboya is transformed into Dreamland, the umbrellas into colorful parasols, the gardens intoflowers for all of them and thecrystalline water pool into a uniqueplayground for an afternoon full

of games.

Welcome to Promenade Clash, where the Romantic is transformed into the authentic.